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Pure MGA – The Life and Restoration of My 1959  MGA 1500 Roadster.

Photograph of a blue 1959 1500 MGA Roadster





Hello, my name is Bill Jeffries and welcome to my MGA Restoration site.

I’ve set up this  site in the hope that other MGA restorers and enthusiasts might benefit from the photographic record of my amateur home restoration, maybe find something of help or get some inspiration when the restoration going gets tough!

I know there were many occasions when I was hungry for any kind of information on specific aspects of the MGA and in particular photographic images, so I add mine to all that currently exists.

Click on the ‘Restoration’ page for the full story.

I bought my 1959 MGA 1500 Roadster in 1974, for the princely sum of £275.00, it being an original right-hand drive production car, delivered to the MG dealer in Dawlish, England, in April 1959. It was originally in Ash Green, but was resprayed in Midnight Blue very early in it’s life, possibly from delivery. This is not an original MGA colour, but as it has always been that way for the 43 years of my ownership and that will be the restoration colour.




I was fortunate to get my first company car in 1977 (a Mk 3 Ford Cortina 1300 L) and took the ‘A’ off the road and into storage. It was partially dismantled at this time – removal of screen, doors, right side front wing and various fittings.

Photograph of a blue 1959 1500 MGA Roadster with a missing front wheel arch and a man in the driving seat

1977, Maggie on her way into storage. Still got the car – wish I still had the hair!

The car was poorly stored in a number of lock-up garages for 33 years, only benefitting from regular soakings in penetrating oil. This staved off the worst ravages, but as you will see from the photographs, it suffered badly.





I have to thank my wife for encouraging me to keep the car over the many years, when it sometimes became a burden and we could have used the sale money – we started going out together in 1975, when she was only 17 and me 21 and she loved the car then and knew one day we’d regret getting rid of it.

All five of my children have grown up knowing the car only as a static wreck and hoping that one day a miracle might happen…….and it did.

June 2017 – Finished and first road trip!

The restoration commenced when I took early retirement in 2009, but as with all projects, it stalled until january 2012 when progress on the right side structure was completed.

Please find the menus at the top of this page, the Restoration section containing it’s own menu with a sequential record of the various elements of the job.


First show – Storrington and District Car Show July 2017

Bill Jeffries –