Preparation and painting were the only parts of the restoration I’d not taken on myself.

The work was carried out by Neil Stevens over an 18 month period  and the results are superb. Neil is a true craftsman (his day job is a paint finisher at Rolls Royce) and has a great eye for detail.

December 2016

Main panels finished and bodyshell now away, final filling, primer filler coats and primer finished and awaiting top coat. The colour is BMW Saturn Blau as used on early 1970’s cars, notably the CSi models. This is very close to the colour that the car was painted in early in it’s life.

Poor photography due to over head lighting reflecting in the paint, but it gives an idea of the colour and hopefully quality of the finish.




Before the bodyshell went to the paint shop I did a trial fitting of the new Grille to ensure that it would fit. Glad I did, as the body aperture needed quite a bit of heavy fettling, which I wouldnt have wanted to do with it freshly painted.

January 2017

To collect the finished bodyshell from the paint shop, I decided to take the rolling chassis and fit the body to it there, making it easier and safer to transport. Unfortunately the chosen day was foul, with heavy rain, which made it more stressful!

Many thanks to my friend Mick Briggs for the trailer and help and good mate Martin Beaton for his assistance.


The body returned fitted to the chassis and it was a great moment in the restoration process. The colour is non original, but the car has been blue from shortly after first sale in 1959 and had to stay blue –  1970’s BMW Saturn Blau 5714.

April 2017

Finally paint finished and the rebuild starts.

June 2017

Main fitting out finished, with only cockpit trimming left to do.